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When you know you have lost superannuation funds but don’t know how to find them, it is not uncommon to scream in frustration “find my lost superannuation!” Find Superannuation set out to find super funds so you can claim your well deserved super funds. Superannuation funds may go unclaimed in numerous instances including a change of job, address or name. If you are aware of an unclaimed super account, the search to find super funds may be time consuming and frustrating.

Find Superannuation endeavour to make the search easy and stress free by finding your lost funds for you. Additionally, you may not be aware of your lost super funds as many years have passed since you moved to your new job. We endeavour to find super funds that you believe to be lost.


At we find your lost or unclaimed super funds to ensure financial security in your retirement

If you have realised that you have unclaimed superannuation funds, often people just wish for someone else to simply ‘find my lost superannuation’. At Find Superannuation we will find your unclaimed super funds so you can take advantage of your well deserved earnings to ensure a secure retirement.

Find Superannuation specialises in finding and consolidating your lost superannuation. Statistics prove that one in two Australians have one or numerous unclaimed superannuation accounts. Don’t fall into this category, rather take advantage of your well deserved earnings. Superannuation is important to ensure financial security in your retirement so take advantage of your earnings.

Get in touch today to put a stop to your wasted superannuation funds. You will be assigned a qualified financial advisor who will ensure to find your lost superannuation and assist you along the journey with any questions, queries or requests you may have.